Sunday, 9 October 2011

Rien a Declarer - Nothing to declare

2010 by Dani Boon - French movie

Past week was so busy. I could watch my movies, but it was impossible to find time to even write a word about them. I could not even check news about Messi or Barcelona during all these days. There are still lots to do, but I thought I should post about my movies, at least a few words before I forget the movies or even their names.

I was lucky to have travelled by road between France and Spain. During that drive through the Pyrenees, I was quite attracted by the quietness and emptiness around the French - Spanish international border. Now, I am able to watch a movie which is built around such an international border which was made worthless by the formation of the Chengen visa and Euro.

French Belgium border. A Belgique customs officer naturally hates his French counterpart, but his sister is in love with the French. Soon the border is to be dissolved and a combined force to check smuggling is formed and both have to work together. 

A simple and entertaining comedy with a good plot. There are typical cliches here and there, but altogether it gives a lot of good laughs. The movie does tend to be routine towards the end, but it is not possible to ignore many laughs it provided till then.

Dany Boon himself and Benoit Poelvoorde excells in their roles as the officers.

Overall a good comedy, but nowhere near the typical French classics. 

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