Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Atame - Tie me up, tie me down

1990 by Pedro Almodovar

Ricky is a prominent inmate in a Psychiatry hospital. He have eloped many times and have been back always promptly. In one of his such escape attempts, he had an adventure with a porn actress Marina. Ricky is now released from the Hospital and his dream is to work and have a family and he can only think about Marina as his wife. Marina is trying to change her career by leaving Pornography for a real movie. Ricky has no other way, so kidnaps Marina to her own home hoping she will fall in love with her. Marina manages to escape, but goes back to Ricky.

Quite disappointed with this Almodovar movie. Antonio Banderas looks so young and his charm is the major plus for this movie. It looks more like a Spanish movie on popular hollywood lines. The background music is really terrible in many parts. There were some interesting moments, but overall disappointed.