Saturday, 19 November 2011


2011 by Nicolas Winding Refn - English from Hollywood

Sometimes, Hollywood too try to make a really different parallel (I am sure they dont have anything called parallel movies) movie and like in India, they are almost successful. I mean its just like breaking the pot, right when you reach the door step. What a pity.

A movie stunt guy, ends up in trouble, just trying to help out the husband of a young and beautiful neighbour. 

For more than half of this movie, it is nearly like a subtle art movie. And I was sure I am watching a very different movie from Hollywood and was glad about it. But then towards the last half, it just turns out like just another Hollywood flick, devoid of all the extravaganzia, but still with the same gory violence.

I am not against violence actually. I think the lives of most unfortunate people witness more violence than any movie have ever picturised. But with Drive, a movie which gave lots of hope with the way it treated the central character, when it ends up almost typical of most action films, it is a bit disappointing.

However, the way the central character is conceived, is really brilliant. And Ryan Gosling as the unnamed driver was so good and charming. Sure, we have seen Hollywood heroes before, men of few words, but there is some difference between the driver and the heroes of the past. It is difficult for me to explain that with my limited writing skills.

I would really reccommend this movie to anyone, inspite of my above comments though. It starts very well and is a very different watch. And sure, one will be charmed by the hero.

It just could have been much better.