Friday, 27 May 2011


2009 by Guiseppe Tornatore

Even the very best directors, sometimes can faulter. When I am on my movie search, more than anything, I am  lead to movies through the director. I came across Baaria, as a Tornatore movie, the man who gave the beautiful Nouvo Cinema Paradiso and the wonderful Malena. Baaria, doesnt really have that heart touching free flowing stamp of Tornatore.

The movie is set in the Sicilian town of Baaria and extends from 1920's to the 80's, giving the life story of three generations from Cicco to Peppino to Pietro. It also touches the varying political scenario of Italy during this period. 

I was little disappointed. May be it was just me. For some reason, the movie lacks the usual heart that we get to see in Tornatore's cinema. It is not a bad cinema at all. It just fails to reach the levels of his other works.

I am not sure about this, but may be Tornatore wanted to make an epic movie like 1900 or Le Meglio Gioventu. But sadly, Baaria is not anywhere near those movies. In spite of lot of opportunities, there is a not a single moment in Baaria, which can match the emotional scale of Le Meglio....

The only factors which were brilliant were the cinematography and the editing.

But let me say this, during this movie there is a particular scene and I immediately thought, may be the Malayalam director Ranjith watched this movie, before making his Paleri Manikkyam. May be not. One shot was strikingly similar in its setting. May be its just a coincidence. Two artists thinking alike.