Wednesday, 14 September 2011


2008 by Marc Scholermann - English movie

Some movies are quite strange. I cannot fathom any reason for the making of this movie, which was presented as a thriller.

A brilliant young doctor joins for a new job in a Pathology lab, which already has few other brilliant and young doctors. They are enjoying a game, how best to kill somebody, making it difficult for others to find the cause of death.

The idea, though brilliant is quite disturbing and as the movie progress, it gets really too much. The movie is almost like a horror movie, within in a few minutes, and a very disturbing and gory one at that.

Cinematically, this movie might be a success. But it is one such movie which can create real unwanted scares and even thoughts into an ordinary mind. Some came up in my mind too, and even the thought of that is scary for me.

For many, even watching it through will be really difficult. Lots of dead bodies, blood and what not. Oh horrible.

It is only one in a blue moon, I will have to say this, I hope - Inspite of its cinematic brilliance, just ignore this movie.