Monday, 25 July 2011

100% Love

2011 by Sukumar - Telugu dubbed in Malayalam

The first Telugu movie I watched was Shankarabharanam. As a child I really did not understand the strong emotional background in that story except for enjoying the great songs. But from the terrific crowds, this movie was a super duper hit in Kerala in the beginning of 80's even in the village theatres, I knew then that the movie was special. Then, when Doordarshan came in, occassionally there were good Telugu movies in their mattinee spot on Sundays. Except for the face of one prominent actor who was there in all these art house movies, I don't remember anything at all from those movies. After a long, Arya was dubbed and released in Kerala, marking the advent of Allu Arjun movies and I really found it a nice entertainer. Since then I have seen more than a few Telugu movies, with 50% turning really bad entertainers, a 40% turning out as average entertainers and the rest turning out as exceptional entertainers, like Pokkiri, Bommarallu, Magadheera, Leader etc. So when you know that there is a new Telugu movie from the director of Arya, it sounds interesting.

A really stupid love story between 2 cousins.

I am not sure, if I must put this movie into the above 50 or 40% category. It definitely does not fit into the 40% category of average entertainers. Because there are many moments when we find it really absurd and difficult to bear. At the same time, there are some real good fun here and there which doesnt make it a cent percent poor entertainer. It is just above a poor entertainer for bits and a poor entertainer for most parts. The acting of the lead pair is really terrible.

Nagarjuna impressed Kerala with 2 flicks towards the end of 80's. One was Geetanjali, with Maniratnam and the other was Shiva,with Ram Gopal Varma, which was about a hero rising out of a college, which had some excellent action. And recently, he was very good in Payanam. Whatever, he is an established and adored super star in Andhra Pradesh. So when his son is casted as a love hero, there will be expectations and honestly, I was quite disappointed. Naga Chaitanya doesn't seem to have any charm and I think most people in the theatre didn't like him too.

A movie to forget.