Monday, 31 January 2011


2011 by Vetri maaran

What an improvement from a director, Pollaadhavan to Aadukalam, in a word is unbeleivable. Pollaathavan was a good entertainer, but Aadukalam is even more than a typical box office hit, with few cuts here and there it can be pure reality. A novel subject conceived around Rooster fights, characters which are ordinary humans, excellent script, editing and cinematography - may be among the best low light camera works I have seen in Indian movies - which could be a trend setter even and a brilliant director who has taken the movie out of its entertainment box and placed it so close to anything of what a movie should be. Surely the career high for Dhanush.

Anyone interested in real Indian cinema, this is a must watch.

Tamil movie industry should be proud, after Mynaa, within 2 months they have got another excellent film.