Thursday, 27 January 2011

Les Salaire de las Peur - The Wages of Fear

French - 1953 by Henri Georges Clouzot - Excellent movie, a synonym for Road movie. If you like Black and White classics, this is a must watch.
Wish our Blessy watched this before claiming Bhramaram as a road movie.

In a dusty, hot South American mining town, European immigrants eke out a meagre existence, struggling to find work in an area of high unemployment.  A young French Corsican, Mario, strikes up a friendship with a new arrival in the town, Jo.  Their situation looks hopeless until, one day, an American oil company announces it is recruiting four truck drivers to carry out a dangerous mission.  The drivers have to transport two truckloads of the explosive nitroglycerine to an oilfield, to put out a raging fire.  The journey is 300 miles long, across some treacherous mountain terrain.  Mario, Jo, and two other men are selected for the job, enticed by the high salary offered.  Not long after setting out, the four men encounter the first in a series of nerve-wracking obstacles which threaten to obliterate them, but the greatest obstacle of all is fear... An ultimate Road movie, a thrilling watch.

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