Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Todo El Poder

2000 by Fernando Sarinana

Gabriel lives in Mexico city, which is infamous for its crime rate. Kidnappings can happen any time and you might find a gun behind your head anytime. Gabriel is obsessed with this insecurity and tries to shoot everything he sees related to, with his small handi cam. His wife has left him and take care of his adolescent girl too. When he is fed up of kidnappings and robbery around him and on him as well, the car he borrowed from his wife is robbed, he starts following some suspects. He meets an insurance agent Sofia who, had lost her brother to the crime, is glad to assist him. Their investigation takes them directly to the corridors of power. When one of their close friend is kidnapped and when they realise that the same was ordered by a Police chief himself, they go all out to save him and finally brings a major gang to the light.

A well shot movie, which has lot of dark comedy, some peeks into the life of seperated couples with a child and majorly the part of Police in the crime. We feel the fear of the citizens who have accepted the fact that they can be on gun point any time, and we do get some light laughs and finally some thrills too. But all is told in a quite simple and interesting way that I found very nice.

I have to say that, if this film is taken in any language and shown in any corner of the world, it might look relevant. Ordinary people, every where in the world, get least help from the system and shockingly the protectors always have some links with the perpetrators.

Todo El Poder is a very good watch. I especially liked the cinematography and the performance by almost all the actors. Cecilia Suarez, who played Sofia, is very charming and beautiful.