Friday, 30 September 2011

In the Loop

2009 by Armando Ianucci - English movie from UK

There were no movies for 2 days because of Champions League football and what a movie did I pick after all those football matches.

The British and American heads of the State would like to have a war in the middle East. But there are many senior officers on both sides of the Atlantic who do not want to enter into any war. And there are also supporters. A naive British minister accidently talks about war in an interview and then the real trouble starts. 

I couldn't believe it, when I was watching this movie. This is serious matter they are discussing, but the way it is presented, with a brilliant wrap of sarcasm and humour, it is bloody brilliant.

This is one of the very best political satires I have ever watched. What makes it special even on that level is the topic which is discussed. Such a serious matter and the movie clearly and intelligently takes a poke at all manipulations, what lead to the Iraq occupation.

Whatever you feel towards the end of the movie, as this movie goes on, during all those diplomatic meetings and build ups, its unbelievably brilliant. Incredible.

For anybody interested in International politics, this is a must watch. 

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