Friday, 13 January 2012

Sur me Levres - Read my lips

2002 by Jacques Audiard - French movie

How many movies come with the tagline as different, but almost all of them are not. Here is one movie, which can really boast as different, and is brilliant too.

A woman, who has to use hearing aids, working as an office secretary needs an assistant. The man who turns up is an ex convict. And a very strange relationship follows that he leads her into a heist.

The story might sound fit for a popular action drama. But this is not a Hollywood style action thriller or romantic comedy. In many ways, it is an excellent study of two characters, completely different from each other.
Some of the moments between these two, brilliantly assisted by some truly brilliant cinematography looks so bloody brilliant. It has to be seen to believe.

There is romance in this movie, but not found in any ways in any other movies. I dont think there is another movie which studies two characters moving into a kind of love, like this one. And there are thrills, supplemented by the man, which makes it like a classic thriller.

Absolutely brilliant movie, with an out of this world script and director. Brilliant performances too by Vincent Cassel and Emmanuelle Devos. Emmanuelle especially, have much much more to emote than Cassel and she is bloody brilliant. One of the best performances in a feminine role, may be.

A real must watch movie for many reasons.  My salutes to the entire team. French people must be so proud.