Saturday, 17 December 2011


2011 by Imtiaz Ali - Hindi movie from Bollywood

Going through media, almost all seemed to have very good impressions of this movie was the only reason I decided to see it. Yes, this inspite of having A R Rahman's music. But..

Understanding Hindi is not easy for me. If it is quite, it is allright I can understand 99%. But as is common now, in Kerala theatres are the venue for the youth to speak out loud their fantasies and to shout on mobile phones (latter not just youth, almost everybody). So frankly, it was not very quite and I might have missed a lot of dialogues. Simply put, I did not understand most of this movie. But even if I had managed to understand the full dialogues, I am not sure if I would have liked it. I have seen more than a few foreign language movies, without any subtitles, and was still able to appreciate the cinema behind few of them.

Rockstar simply speaking is not fluent. It looks like a collage of different scenes taken from the love life of a rockstar. Some could say that it is fast paced, with brilliant editing, and it requires an amount of intelligence from the audience to understand it and so on. I am afraid, I dont think so. There are many things happening in the screen, which is typical of Bollywood and Indian cinema, which are just there to make sure the audience have it simple. So.

Above all, I failed to understand the love between the man and the woman and also why this man behaves like a Rebel.

I can only feel that, this movie might be representing the heights of Bollywood trying to ape the west. There are so many so many things, from the story to the behaviour patterns of the characters, which are just not Indian and which are just an attempt to ape Hollywood.

A R Rahman's music was the only saving grace. But even as an A R Rahman fan, I wish to listen a new album from AR Rahman, which can better his early Tamil works.