Monday, 19 December 2011

La Naissence des Pieuvres - The birth of the Octopuses

2007 by Celine Sciamma - French movie

What makes French cinema so unique is that they dare to go into themes, which movies from elsewhere might not even think about. I am not saying this theme was not taken up by any other movie makers. It is just that when the French do it, they are so bold and they go much deeper into it. La Naissence des Pieuvres, which is known as Water Lillies, rather than for the literal French translation, is quite an unique and different movie.

It is about 3 teenage girls who are just experiencing the calls of sexual attractions in them.

In one way this is a real teenage movie (nothing like the Hollywood ones, this is quite serious). We hardly see any adult in this movie, except for a couple of shots. It is all happening in the teenage world. Three girls and their lives around the swimming pool, where two of them practice Synchronised swimming, makes the movie. There is a teenage swimmer as well, making it like a quadrilateral love.

The eagerness for the first kiss and sex, and all the anxiety and excitement around it is very well told. And the relationship between two of these girls is really complex and is out for us to interpret in anyways. I guess, one girl really loves the other and would like to make it physical, but for the other it is all some kind of game where the silly physical things between them are just like in a rehearsal and she is really looking forwards to her first sex with a man. Or she is not sure at all about what she wants in sexuality, if she is lesbian or heterosexual.

It is also very good how these girls are connected to Synchronised swimming. Just like one of those beautiful scenes depict, this kind of sport looks so pleasing from the gallerry, but it requires an incredible amount of hardwork, under the water. The director seems to be just trying to tell us how difficult it is for women, young girls, to appear pretty when they are under so much pressure.

A very interesting film, with excellent performances by the teenage actors. Considering it is a first film, it is pretty good work from the director too. 

Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

2011 by Brad Bird - English movie from Hollywood

I have never liked the previous MI's. So normally I would never be watching this one. But my wife is a fan of Tom Cruise and she cannot miss his movie. And I have to watch it.

I have to say, I suffered. Because this is just another version of America saves the world, nothing else. A movie without any soul, just action. But even in the action, we might feel overwhelmed by the use of technology that, honestly, I felt it was more like a latest James Bond movie, without some of the Bond stuff's.

A good majority of the scenes are definitely from the studio and even the outdoors are not really convincing. They say Mumbai and show Hyderabad, I think so I could be wrong. They are in India, but the car number plates have unIndian numbers and many many more stupid things.

Tom Cruise look really old for this kind of action, if I may say. Simon Pegg is a saving grace though.

I couldn't believe that many youngsters in the theatre were screaming, that's fucking geat man, not once but so many times!!!!!!!