Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ong Bak

2003 by Prachya Pinkaew , second watch because of a dvd confusion

An ancient Budha statue, the priced possession of a village, is stolen. Villagers desperately want to find it and Ting, the best martial artist in the village, volunteers for the job. Ting is excellent in Muay Thai, a traditional martial art but vows to his teacher never to use it for personal gains. He goes to Bangkok and has to engage in a one man fight with the underworld to bring back Ong Bak to his village.

A simple story, but is an excellent watch, especially if one is interested by martial arts. Tony Jaa, the new star, trained Muay Boran, the ancient form of Muay Thai for 4 years, in preparing for the shoot. The results are there to be seen. All his fights are brilliant and so are his acrobatics. We see him doing something and we think oh thats brilliant, and then he does something even more dangerous and beautiful in the next scene. Brilliant.

Another highlight of the movie is its Cinematography. It is so good that often we would not notice the camera at all. Excellent work.