Monday, 14 March 2011

Aadu Puli

2011 by Vijay Prakash

Typical Tamil mainstream masala, ends up as a below average entertainer.

One hero, heroine, happy family, heroine's father as villain, few songs and fights and final happiness.

Aadhi has an extremely charming physique and in 'Mirugam', he did prove that he can act too. He could be a real asset but with movies like Aadu Puli, I am afraid, he is going backwards. Its true, he has to do everything, but he could chose his entertainers carefully, I wish.  

Singam Puli

2011 by Sai Ramani

2 brothers in a typical Tamil middle class family. One was a school drop out and works in a fish market against the wishes of family and the younger is a womaniser and criminal, but pretends to be a saint in the family. How the truth is revealed makes the movie.

Could have been a good dramatic thriller, but ends up as an ordinary Tamil mainstream movie with songs and dances and sentiments and unbearable comedy scenes.

Jeeva, inspite of the horrible script and all, is quite impressive playing both the brothers, is the only plus. It is a pity that he hasn't got many good roles after 'Ram', 'Dishyum' and 'Kakkruthu Tamil', for here is an actor who can really act.