Thursday, 15 December 2011

La Mala Education - Bad Education

2004 by Pedro Almodovar - Spanish movie

I didnt really read the synopsis, when I saw that this was an Almodovar film. May be I should have.

A child who was sexually abused in his religious school, comes back to the priest for revenge, quite a different kind of revenge.

First of all, Pedro Almodovar is more than brave to make a movie on this theme. And his style is quite there everywhere... But...

I did not enjoy watching this movie at all. I am not into homo sexuality or bisexuality, I am not against it though. But it is very difficult for me to watch through a movie were all the relations on screen always happens between two men.  And there are expilcit scenes of men in love too. Not even a single major female character is there, would suffice my point.

For sure the movie is very sincere to its theme, just that it is a bit more melo dramatic or exaggerated than a normal Almodovar movie.

It is of course not a bad movie, but I could not enjoy it.