Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Perfect Getaway

2009 by David Twohy

A honeymoon couple, Cliff and Cindey are celebrating with a kind of adventurous hike in a remote Hawaain isalnd. They are told about the murder of another couple which scares them but decides to proceed. They meet another couple Nick and Gina. For the honeymooners, these two look strange and they are worried they are walking with the killers. And then when they reach the destination, a pristine beach, the two men kayaks to a sea cave and Gina happens to go through the handy cam of the honeymooners. I am sure anybody can guess what the climax is.

Yet another movie which sells Fear. In America, anything can be sold easily with Fear, it seems. This movie is again on the same genre.

To be very frank, except for the way the climax takes a U turn, and the blunt and brief way the past and motive of the killers is told, it is just typical of what we see from Hollywood. It has good pace, the action sequences after the secret is revealed are all well shot, but what really takes the credit away from the movie is the story itself. We follow two characters, who keeps on saying , what if, what next, who are they, arent they the guys, bla bla and then its a 360 degree turn, making all viewers feeling like idiots. The revelation tests the intelligence of the viewers to the fullest, unlike most similar films.

If the killers were somebody else, this movie could have been rated better than Ridiculous.