Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Matando Cabos - Killing Cabos

2004 by Alejandro Losano

Mr. Cabos is a rich business man, but very cruel. When his childhood friend came to meet him after so many years, he just offered him a menial job to clean his office and always have ill treated him. His son wants to take a revenge for this and has planned to kidnap Cabos with the help of a so called professional. Cabos had given a beating to Jacque, his own employee, for having sex with his daughter in his home. Jacque wants to talk this out and goes to Cabos' office. Cabos is going to beat him again with the Golf cub, but trips and fells unconscious. Jacque gets the help of his friend Mudo and because of the circumstances they plan to take him out in their car. When Jacque had gone to get Mudo, Cabos's friend turned house keeper had arrived, finding an unconscious Cabos, uses his dresses and ornaments on himself. He also took his car keys and enjoys walking out to the car as a rich man, without knowing that his own son is waiting to kidnap Cabos. They mistake him for Cabos and kidnaps him, inside a plastic bag. Jacque and Mudo too takes Cabos outside in a plastic bag. Mudo further calls in Ruben Macharito, a six foot plus hugely built ex wrestler, for help. Macharito further calls up Tony, his body guard, who is only 3/4th his own size. So there are two teams who are supposedly kidnapping the same Cabos. One team has not planned any kidnapping but just wants to get out of the situation. One member of the team is a boy friend of Cabos' own daughter and she even is part of some actions. The second team has planned it, but has mistakenly taken one's own father. One member's girl friend is very friendly with Cabos' daughter and wife too.  It is a very funny plot and it is difficult to explain the events completely.

It is the way in which this movie is told, with the help of an excellent script, that makes it an excellent watch. There is not even a small character, may it be the maid in Cabos home or the two street boys who are after Jacque or the neighbour's bird, who does not leave an impression. Especially Macharito and his body guard they are brilliant, more so Macharito. I thought he is the most important character in this movie and he is simply brilliant. What a role. One of the best roles in the recent times, for me. And his body guard Tony, not sure if he had any dialogue at all, but his presence is right there. Even Jacque's neighbour's bird, who keeps on crying only when somebody else is in the flat, creates enough laugh.

All credit to the whole team behind this movie, making it an excellent comedy. Some would call it a dark comedy. But for me there is a very good script which is made even more beautiful by the director. It is not like  it offers you a laugh riot, but it offers good laugh through out. Neither is it a slap stick or a pretending comedy. The plot is built, and thats were we get impressed first of all, and then it is the characters who takes it forward.

I am sure I would have enjoyed it even more if I knew some Spanish.