Monday, 21 March 2011

Christian Brothers

2011 by Joshi

Here is yet another Super star Masala from Malayalam, but it is a multi star masala too.

Since the story and script is filled not with loop holes, but with caves and ponds, I don't want to brief on that.  Each and every ingredient for a Multi star Malayalam Masala movie is there.

A great actor turned Super star plus two more super stars plus a super star from Tamil , all in very relaxed mood that they know they really dont have anything to worry about their acting.

A rich family, of course with contacts with big big people in religion and systems. Home minister, Home secretaries and other superior police officers, for sure the most stupid Personal assistant and a cook a minister can keep. And the brave Police officer who would not mind questioning his own minister.

Super star has two excellent assistants plus have another star as his friend in need

And of course some beautiful actresses, one each for three stars and as always an actress who looks less than half the age of the super hero

Songs, of course, shot in London, and in family home. Just enough walking scenes, getting in and out of car scenes, all in slow motion

Fights, long dialogues, twists and turns and the eternal big brother ready to sacrifice his life for the younger ones et all.

Plus the Group photo line up, but surprisingly there is no court scene at all. New development.

Also the two super stars who havent got any beatings in their movies, in the recent past, since they are fighting each other manages to receive few blows from the other.

And an important point, The villain family is from a Hindu back ground.

It is a pity to watch a veteran director like Joshy, who gave some excellent movies in the 80's, stoop this low. And the all literate, boastingly intelligent Malayaalee crowd is more than happy with this kind of an entertainer. It is not just the Malayalam industry, but even our viewers are still in the 90's, I am afraid.