Saturday, 22 October 2011

Kokuhaku - Confessions

2010 by Tetsuya Nakashima - Japaneese movie

Seldom will this happen to me. I watch a movie and I am quite impressed. I do not have any questions about the brilliance of the movie. But I am not yet quite clear about certain aspects. I would want to watch that movie once again immediately. Normally I am so concentrated watching a movie, so I still do not understand why and how this happens, some times. May be my IQ is so low or what. anyways.

A grieving mother, who lost her very young daughter, is in her class room. She announces that she knows the two students who are responsible for the death of her daughter. She definitely has revenge in her mind, which she announces to the class. 

Frankly, a movie cannot be more different from this. The movie progress through many confessions, including the teacher, and it is simply brilliant. It is absolutely a brilliant movie.

However, I do have some doubts, which I am sure is not the problem of the movie, but mine that I got confused between two names. Of course, even those two main children, their faces looks very similar for me, I am confused. So I really am going to watch this once again as early as possible.

But anybody reading this, be assured, this movie is bloody brilliant. It can be very disturbing and it is really a kind of dark movie, even if it is all about the revenge of a mother. I would say, it is a must watch that except for some factors, this movie has elements which are universally valid and important.

And the cinematography is too brilliant. And I cant help wonder, how all these teenage students managed to give this kind of a performance on such a complex plot. Asbolutely brilliant.