Friday, 26 August 2011

The 11th hour

2007 by Leila and Nadia Conners - Documentary in English

I was a very happy man before I sat down for this one. Leo Messi was declared the European player of the year by UEFA. Well that was expected, but what was the icing on the cake was the margin of votes, by which he went ahead. Leo got 38, Xavi 11 and Christiano just 3!!! Those three who voted for Christiano - a journalist from Portugal, a woman journalist from San Marino (for obvious reasons) and then another journalist from Armania. Well, his newspaper is called Armanian Soccer, may be the only one to call Football as soccer in Europe. So its all an easy guess. Even Leo and Xavi might not have guessed such a huge margin. Anyway, it is only a question of months, before little Leo will be declared the FIFA world player, the first player to win the most prestigious individual honour in Football, consecutively for 3 years.

Also, the Champions League draw for the season was done and my beloved Barca only will have AC Milan as a major partner in our group. Watching AC Milan now, I think it will not be a tough job for Barca to go to the round of 16. Every prospects for a rematch with Arsenal and Chelsea is ahead though.

Within a few minutes from the beginning of the documentary, I forgot completely about Football and started to worry about our nature.

The 11th hour is yet another documentary on climate change. 

It is created, produced and narrated by Leonardo De Caprio, which is quite interesting. No words to appreciate a star like De Caprio coming out to make such a documentary.

Though it talks about Climate change and the horros awaiting human kind, it is still looking at the whole issue from a kind of American perspective. Also, it bombards us with information, quite important and scary ones, in a consistently fast pace. Even before we have realised one issue, the next personality is telling us an even scarier thought. Sure, this is all serious and it is really an excellent effort, but I thought the pace could have been a bit slow to allow the viewer to digest what he is told. It rather is a documentary with the pace of a Hollywood thriller.

But whatever, it is an excellent documentary warning us about the problems we are looking at, because of all what we did to our nature in the last 100 or 200 years. One scientist tell us that 99.9% of species in the Universe will get extinct one day and human beings are digging its own grave.

Home is way ahead as a brilliant documentary in all its aspects, but 11th Hour definitely manages to convey its message. And it is heartening that it comes from a Hollywood star.