Friday, 16 September 2011


2000 by Guy Ritchie - English movie from UK

When I talk to any Indians about English movies, the talk is always around American movies. It is like British movies does not exist at all. I am yet to find one person who have suggested me good British movies. Everybody comes up with some American names, except for a rare mention about the Monty Python or something like that. It is such a pity that British movies do not get their due in India. They do have that European quality in them and except for that production values and marketing strategies, they are much better than the Hollywood ones. And there is lot of entertainment too.

Some people are after a large diamond. So illegal betters, illegal boxing (bare knuckle boxing) brokers, amateur robbers, diamond merchants all are involved in the hunt, in the back streets of London. 

There were so many movies like this from Hollywood. But this is quite a British one and Guy Ritchie proves that they can challenge Hollywood. Guy Ritchie has got good financial backup here that he presents an assortment of stars from Brad Pitt to Jason Statham to Benicio Del Torro. Such a pity and am even angry at him that the character of Benicio Del Torro, an amazing actor, was so short lived. I cant help thinking that this is a typical western ploy to bring in great actors from other countries to announce that - see we recognise you - but then use them in a poor way. May be not.

The movie has lots and lots of hilarious moments and many of those moments carry that classic British touch to it. Lots of humour in the dialogues between the many characters, for example like between the broker played by Jason Statham and his friend, were really English. The kind of ones which I could recall from Faulty Towers or Withnail and I. And yes, there are so many characters in this movie, but there is something attractive about all. Really funny.

Now, Brad Pitt has always impressed whenever he plays such roles. He is brilliant in such weird roles and it looks so natural for him to play them. But the actor who really surprised me and impressed me here is Jason Statham. Even if there were couple of movies otherways, I really thought about him like a modern Stallon. I must apologise. He is really good. I am definitely going to look for the previous movies of Guy Ritchie, which also had Mr. Statham in it. It must be after these movies, Hollywood started using Jason Statham and used him only as an action hero, may be.

An excellent entertainer it is. Watch this movie for some hilarious moments and good performances.