Sunday, 9 October 2011


2011 by Nishikant Kamat - Hindi movie

Kaakka Kaakka, for me, together with Drohkaal, is the best Police movie from India. It was an absolutely brilliant movie from the entertainment sectors of Tamil movies, which was like a trend setter. Never before had a hero of few worlds felt so superb and macho like Surya as Anpuchelvan IPS. I saw that movie about 4 times in theatres itself and so many times on a dvd. I still remember the reaction of a girl from New York, who looked shocked by the unexpected sheer quality of machoist heroism from an Indian regional language movie. For her the stupidity of Bollywood was all what meant till then. When I knew that Force was inspired by KK, I was sure that would be pathetic. I would not have seen it, if not for a review here which mentioned it was allright with some plus's. Well....

Once the movie was over, I tried to think as if I had never seen KK and if I would like Force then. Well, I would have found it slightly ok movie, compared to routine Bollywood. Thats all. Because all those typical things which makes Bollywood bohring is still very much there in Force. This inspite of having a director who gave two nice movies in Dombivali Fast and Mumbai Meri Jaan. It is as if, Bollywood simply cannot look at things in a simple and ordinary way. Most things has to be told in an over board or exaggerated way. Quite frankly, an Autorickshaw in an Indian regional movie will change to a luxury car in Bollywood. like wise. ...anyways lets forget about such things but still. Anybody who is not clear about the meaning of Overboard, only just have to watch KK and Force and it would be perfectly clear, I guess.

It is nice to see that the title credits KK as the inspiration for the movie. But therein, lots of changes has been made into the scenes and structures. These changes only makes the script a typical Bollywood one, if not for the basic plot. I could not find a single aspect which was bettered from the original, except for the production values. At least when Ghajini was remade into Hindi, the ordinary climax in Tamil was changed to a better one, which turned out to be the only betterment from the original.

The hallmark of KK, was its machoism (with some very cute romantic interludes). A kind of hero whom we would love to be a fan of. Almost all the scenes of Surya in KK, had a very specific impact, which was brilliantly managed by the actor, director, camera man and editor, an impact which would make the viewer immediately worship and believe in the hero. That team work is missing here and add to it the lack of acting powers, it looks horrible. Of course, I never expected John Abraham to overtake Surya with his acting, but he just ends up as a good looking chocolate guy. The only two actors who looked good in their roles were Mohnish Behl and Vidyut Jamval. The latter especially would look perfect, for anyone who has not watched KK.

So many of those thrilling scenes from KK, has been recreated here without its real charm, may it be the attack by the villain at the ACP's residence or the ACP facing the acid test of the bad guys or even simply that scene towards the end when the ACP walks out of the hospital. In KK, this last scene, when the ACP pulls  his shirt and walks out of the hospital, it was so brilliant and heroic and one reason for the success of that scene was the team work between the actor, director, camera and editor. Here this looked absolutely horrible. Anyways, thats the case with many other scenes too, including the ones between ACP and his girl. Even the charm of Genelia cant help it out. Inspite of being an out and out action movie, KK also had brilliant music, which was so nicely picturised too. The same music director works here too, but the result is really poor.

I simply do not understand why movies had to be remade after all, in India. Will it not be better to show the same movie, dubbed or with subtitles. At least, that could help in little ways to bring our different states and its people together. May be..


2011 by Prabhu Deva - Tamil movie

How can a director who made a movie like Pokkiri, a wonderfully entertaining entertainer, stoop so low. This level is so abysmal considering the fact that Prabhu Deva knows something about the movie world from his very childhood.

A run of the mill entertainment story with a hero, heroine, sister, police and villain.

This is just old wine in old bottle, just the label designed with new elements though. It looks stupid even than some of the 90's movies.

I simply do not understand what this movie will do for the career graph of Vishal or Prabhu Deva.
At least, just like it happened with Engeyum Kadhal, at least I expected some nicely shot song sequences. But Prabhu Deva disappoints us even in that segment. There is only one song - the 'right' number-  which is worth listening or watching too.

Absolute waste of time it was. 

Les aventures extraordinaires de Adele Blanc - sec - The extra ordinary adventurs of Adele Blanc-sec

2010 by Luc Besson - French movie

It is true that I am almost convinced about the superiority in cinematic prowess of the French movie industry. But just like even Usain Bolt making a false start, any movie industry can make bad movies of their own.

A popular writer, in early 20th Century, has to cure her twin sister and sets out on an adventurous mission. 

A full fledged fantasy which is picturised as stupidly or even more stupid than similar Hollywood movies. In fact this one is even poorer than ordinary Hollywood fantasy flicks. I never thought even French actors can act badly.

A real waste of time. Feels like asking, Tu et Brutus... 

Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis - Welcome to the land of Ch'tis

2008 by Danny Boon - French movie

It is impossible to ignore all the talks about the good and bad about the North and South of France. Just like the English will talk about weather, the French would easily jump into discussions about the North, South stereotypes. In fact, we find such stero types in all countries. The small state of Kerala, even, have its own long list of stereo types between South and North. However, it is surprising that (to my knowledge) such things have never been used as a plot for movie in India.

Philippe is working in South of France and is being transferred to the North. His wife sees him off, as if he is going to a dreaded land inhabited by monsters, speaking a special French which is full of Ch'tis. 

Can there be any better way to make a movie on such sterotypes, within a nation. I would doubt it. This is brilliant, simply for the plot, for making a nice story around it and also for its brilliant execution with humour as the icing on the cake.

The movie is full of hilarious scenes, but we can always find something behind those scenes. Just like Philippe realises the hollowness behind the stero types, we too know that often we simply believe and follow many news or beliefs without any proof or personal experiences to support.

I am getting into a fan of David Boon, not just as an actor, but also as a brilliant director. He is definitely one of the best contemporary comedians of French cinema. But to conceive a movie like this and being a director and playing a second most prominent part in the movie is no ordinary feat. It is difficult to chose whether David excels as a director or actor. But for that maestro performance, I am forced to pick him up as an actor, with all respects to his talents as a director.

This is an absolutely brilliant comedy. It is just a level above the usual comedies just because of its plot. A must watch, should I say. 

Rien a Declarer - Nothing to declare

2010 by Dani Boon - French movie

Past week was so busy. I could watch my movies, but it was impossible to find time to even write a word about them. I could not even check news about Messi or Barcelona during all these days. There are still lots to do, but I thought I should post about my movies, at least a few words before I forget the movies or even their names.

I was lucky to have travelled by road between France and Spain. During that drive through the Pyrenees, I was quite attracted by the quietness and emptiness around the French - Spanish international border. Now, I am able to watch a movie which is built around such an international border which was made worthless by the formation of the Chengen visa and Euro.

French Belgium border. A Belgique customs officer naturally hates his French counterpart, but his sister is in love with the French. Soon the border is to be dissolved and a combined force to check smuggling is formed and both have to work together. 

A simple and entertaining comedy with a good plot. There are typical cliches here and there, but altogether it gives a lot of good laughs. The movie does tend to be routine towards the end, but it is not possible to ignore many laughs it provided till then.

Dany Boon himself and Benoit Poelvoorde excells in their roles as the officers.

Overall a good comedy, but nowhere near the typical French classics.