Saturday, 28 May 2011

How do you Know

2010 by James L Brooks

Still nervous about the Barca match. In Rome '09 nobody thought Barca was any match for Manchester united, especially the UK media and hence, most cules like me was not really that worried about that match.  Since, even UK media think this Barca side as something special, a once in a generation kind of team, all seems to just wonder how the hell can M United stop Barca. This favourite tag on Barca, I think, is not good and is making me really madly nervous. So I decided to watch one more movie after Due Date, especially since Due Date didnt offer any kind of healing.

One woman, two men and a couple of characters around. The same plot which have given lots and lots of romantic comedies, some times brilliant ones. 

I picked up this movie, because of Jack Nicholson. I am nearly a fan of this wonderful actor. Also to see Owen Wilson, with him was quite nice. So didnt hesitate at all to pick this up.  But oh my dear... but. Even Mr. Nicholson makes this kind of mistakes. Well, his role as a businessman, who does some dirty things and indicts his son instead, is a different character. But not for this kind of movie. I felt really sorry for Mr. Nicholson to have chosen this movie. What  a waste of talent. He does give glimpses of his brilliance, especially in the very first scene, but there is nothing for him in this movie.

And compared to this movie, Due Date is a better watch, at least. What a waste of time.

I really dont understand what happened to Reese Witherspoon. Where is her charm and where is that energy. Very disappointing.

Avoidable, cent percent. 

Due Date

2010 by Todd Philips

I have really got into the mood of the Champions league final match between Barca and Manchester United and hence have been really nervous, since yesterday and as I type this now, I think I can hear by heart beats.
So decided to see something really entertaining.

Peter and Ethan meets in the airport and finally ends up on the no-fly list. Peter has to reach Los Angeles immediately as his wife is expecting delivery. Two guys with contrasting attitudes to life and everything travels together. 

Quite ordinary plot, dont know how many times this has been repeated now, from Hollywood, filled with all the typical cliches. I am afraid this is not even average.

Watch this movie only for Zach. Even if its the same kind of routine character, he is still funny.