Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Tourist

2010 by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck - English

Johnny Depp is one actor to whom we can never deny attention, may it be he is acting in a Spanish or English or whatever language. A wonderful actor with an extra ordinary charm. And when he joins the director who gave us Das Leben der Anderen, one of the modern master piece's it is difficult to ignore this movie, even if I find it difficult to bear Angelina Jolie in ordinary Hollywood movies.

Elise, a British woman in Paris, is being followed by Police in their efforts to track down a man called Alexander Pierce. Elise has to pick a man who resembles like Pearce on her way to Venice and she falls on Frank, an American Maths teacher, touring in Europe. 

I think the makers wanted this to be a Romantic thriller, but it is neither a romantic movie nor is it a thriller. Its romance do not reach the viewers, except for some beautiful expressions on Mr. Depp and it cant even emulate the cheap thrills that we got from the 70's or 80's average Hollywood flicks.

Forget the fact that we get to know what the end is got to be, but the movie reach to this end, painstakingly, in a bohring way. I am surprised, how of all the actors, Johnny Depp agreed for this movie. I can understand Angelina Jolie, who looks quite pale except for the extra artists staring at her whenever there are some men in the frame and the script saying - she has a nice ass - there are hardly any curves, accepting this movie, but why Mr. Depp.

And even more than that, how the hell can a director who gave an absolute master piece with Das Leben der Anderen, make this kind of a horrible movie.

Sheer waste of time. A forgettable Hollywood flick.