Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hable con Ella - Talk to her

2002 by Pedro Almodovar- Spanish movie

Yet another drama from Pedro Almodovar. But he deserves a lot of praise to always pick up a theme which has something unique or wild and build a drama around it. I also like it how he finds time and space to criticize church one way or other in between.

An odd friendship between two men, made possible by  the fact that they are both looking after a woman in coma.

The above plot itself actually would make a great classic with a brilliant director. Almodovar likes drama and he brings in a shocking twist in between, which is really wild and unimaginable, but that lets the story take a very different route towards the end. I would not say I really appreciated that twist, but as a drama it does help Almodovar to make out another human drama on life, love and sex.

The two men and their women, would definitely force us to like them, but that twist is quite shocking. For the way he build up those characters, it was more than shocking and unimaginable though. Still, we do not lose interest in the movie and we carry on with it. And the end is typical of Almodovar too.

At the end of it, I think only Almodovar could get away with this kind of movie. His viewers seems to know, you can expect wierd and wild things from him and he does not disappoint.