Friday, 23 December 2011

La Teta i la Iluna - The tits and the moon

1994 by Bigas Luna - Spanish movie

I have this deep admiration for Catalunia, which is because of my love for FC Barcelona. So here is a movie which is from this region in Spain. And what a wonderful piece of entertainer it was.

A child, when he is deprived of mother's milk because of a newborn brother, wishes to have a woman for himself who can breast feed him. An older friend of his also is in love with the same woman.

This movie cannot be called a real children's movie or fantasy or surrealistic or anything like that. This is a realistic movie on pre adolescent fantasy, a kind of magical movie. It is brilliant how realistic moments are interspersed with absolutely surrealistic and fantasical thoughts.

It is incredible how women's breast is depicted in this movie. Breast is an obsession for our young hero, only because of his desire to drink tasty breast milk. And the way the story is told, with lots of images of breast but never going into any kind of eroticism is really nice. It is a simple and charming way of looking at pre adolescent thoughts on female body.

Simply put this movie is like an ode to female breasts. This may not be a classic, but it is a beautiful movie with lots of charm.