Friday, 19 August 2011


2008 by Bouli Lanners - French movie from Belgium

Some movies are quite different that at the end of the movie, we are perplexed about it, what to say about it, was that good or bad or average or was it too intelligent for us to make something out of it....

A man finds a burglar at his home, but instead of reporting to the police, decides to ride him to his home. 

This is one movie, which can be easily called a road movie. But, honestly, I could not make out the ending of the movie. The movie has a brilliantly funny beginning and as they both set on their drive, getting to know each other better, facing minor obstacles through out, the movie is simply good with occassional hilarious moments. The character, especially of the young 'burglar' is brilliant that we cant help laughing at everything he does.

Then there is this scene when they both reach the home of this 'burglar', where the movie take a different turn and this scene, very hard and touching, is may be the best in this movie.

But thereafter, it seems like something was missing. And this culminated towards the end. It is like as if there were soooo many options for us to decide what happened. I dont know, may be I did not understand the whole thing at all, or there was something I completely missed. But it is like we are in absolute dark about what happened to one person, who was keeping us really focused for the whole journey.

Anyways, I felt a bit disappointed towards the end, for the movie was soo brilliant till the final 1/3 rd.