Tuesday, 1 November 2011


2010 by Misskin - Tamil movie

When my Tamil friends told me about this movie, I wanted to watch it right away. Misskin had already proved as a different director. And when they mentioned Mysskin proves that he is a director from another level, it was so tempting. But then, as always the best Tamil movies never make it to Kerala. Only the ultra popular ones or the ones starring the big super stars will release in Kerala. There are still lot of extra ordinary Tamil  movies which have never seen Kerala theatres. Thenmerkku Paruvakaatru, Aranya Kandam and recently Azhagar Saamiyin Kuthirai all had the same fate. So finally when I got the Nandalala dvd, I was really happy. But I was quite, positively, shocked by the movie.

The first two movies by Misskin, though different, were still made out on the entertainment format. Though I was warned this one was different, I never expected Nandalala to be a real cinematic experience.

Within a few minutes we are sure that Mysskin is inspired by Kikujiro, the lovely Japaneese movie. However, Mysskin has made a lot of additions giving it a real Tamil feel, he has kept some elements from the original script though.

So Nandalala has two souls travelling in search of their mother, one the child and the other an adult, but mentally destabilised. It is their journey, meeting many others, good and bad people enroute their destination.

I am sure those who look down at Tamil cinema would immediately scream, oh this is just an inspiration. But the elements added by Misskin are as powerful as the original characters. And that is why I would say this is an exceptional movie. We could still watch it like some of those Italian movies. There is a lot to laugh and cry with the two main characters here.

The cinematography of this movie is truly brilliant. May be the best I have seen in any Indian movies in a long time. Everybody interested in motion photography, I would say, must watch this. There are lots and lots of brilliant mid range shots, all seems to have shot using a normal lens. Mid range shots are almost extinct in Indian cinema, sure this is a bit exaggeration. But here we get to to see a classic work.

Tamil people must be very proud about this movie. Here in Kerala, inspite of knowing that Pranayam is inspired by Innocense, people still seem to praise it like anything. So why not give credit to Nandalala too. At least Mysskin has made a much better movie than Blessy.