Thursday, 8 December 2011


1996 by Jan Sverak - Czech movie

There are so many movies about a single man or woman who is forced to take care of a child and finally bonds with the child. This is yet another movie on the same theme, but I am not sure if this movie was like a predecessor to all other movies on this subject, or not.

The interesting aspect here is the 50 something single man, who is so much against marriage and is so much after women. He can easily seduce women much younger than him and is having a care free single life as a musician when he comes across the child.

There after, the movie is funny in a very different way. It isnt like there are hilarious moments or so. But we will want to smile for most of the scenes involving the man and the child. Add to it the charm of that young 5 year old boy.

A simple nice movie.