Thursday, 8 September 2011

Jaloux - Jealous

2010 by Patrick Demmers - French movie from Quebec, Canada

Mostly thriller movies are all fast paced. There are only very few thrillers which only had a moderate or slow pace. Jaloux is a quite a different thriller from the typical entertainment ones, and it is a kind of 'curious thriller'.

Thomas and Marianne are on the 7 th year of their relationship and are at cross roads. Marianne thinks Thomas is very jealous when she is in company of other men and Thomas thinks she can conduct better while with other men. They decide to go to a country cottage, of their uncle, for a final try to see if their relationship will work or not. Arriving in the cottage, they are supposed to collect the key from the neighbour, but find that the neighbour is ready for them at the cottage, a dinner prepared for them. 

To be frank, at the end of the movie this is not quite different from many such thriller movies. But the way this movie is shot is incredible. There is nothing, that is part of typical entertainers, and there is hardly anything which goes over board anywhere. The pace is even lower than moderate, but it is unbelievable that even with such a slow pace, the movie kept me really engaged. In fact I felt so curious about what next. We definitely know that there is something wrong and sneeky about this so called neighbour who welcomes our couple. But it is told in such a nice way that it takes us to the limits of curiosity. I thought it was brilliant.

And finally, when the truth comes out it looks even brilliant. Without any explanations what so ever, the director tells us calmly what happened. And there is a kind of calm shock engulfing us. I am not sure shock is the right word here. But we take this truth calmly and feel for it.

Both the script and the director is brilliant. All actors, especially the guy who played the neighbour and Marianne, were brilliant. And the cinematography is simply brilliant. This looks like a very low cost production. But it is quite an example to prove good cinema, even a thriller, do not require huge financial support.

I really wish, this movie was widely seen. I would recommend it for anybody who is really interested in good cinema.