Monday, 26 December 2011

Oru Marubhoomi Kadha

2011 by Priyadarshan - Malayalam movie

What do I say. It is difficult for me to think that Priyadarshan is unable to make a really new Malayalam cinema.

His latest Malayalam cinema is a result of thousands of  requests being made by fans and cinema friends, asking for a good comedy movie in Malayalam. He had announced many times he would not make another Malayalam comedy. But he had to break that promise. I just wish, he had taken some time and effort to bring out a real new cinema.

Instead, Priyan has taken bits and bits from many of his previous movies and from even other South Indian movies. All together it looks like a hotch spotch of past movies. Sure, there are some laughs here and there, but at the end of it I only felt sorry for Priyan and his team.

Mohanlal would be doing a great favour to cinema, if he will stop acting in love scenes and song sequences depicting love. He will also do a great favour to himself and his family, if he can do something to lose his weight. With his present physique, he should only play father or grand father roles or judges or retired police officers or something like that.

It is not a secret that vast majority of our heroines have horrible body shapes. They will do a favour to themselves if they would not appear in front of the camera wearing western dresses which clearly announce how horrible of a body (devoid of any curves at the back) they have. The person in point here is Bhavana.

One good point is the re assertion of the fact that Mukesh and Mohanlal make a great pair. They still have it in them to bring brilliant comic scenes. Just that, they need to take care of their physique and the roles that are made for them. 

Vellarippraavinte Changaathi

2011 by Akku Akbar - Malayalam movie

I did not expect anything great from this movie because of the director. He showed promise with his Veruthe Oru Bharya (which I think was the first time a Malayalam movie took note of the wife's point albeit the end being routine anti women stuff) and then a terrible movie in Kanaa Kanmany. VC  also began exactly how an average Malayalam movie would, but then it looked completely different.

The story itself was quite different from routine. In fact there are three stories in one. And it definitely gave a great opportunity for Akku Akbar to make a classic but.....

Sometimes, the last bit of effort or care or that last bit of money spend would make a big difference. Watching VC, that was what I missed. A little bit more care on the script to avoid certain avoidable glitches and a bit more money to enhance the production qualities would have made a big difference in this movie. For, its story is really good and had all ingredients to make a brilliant drama. In fact, it has been long since there has been a story with a classical touch in Malayalam. All what was required was that final attention to details and a good producer. That is what I felt.

The climax could have been more better, actually the climax could have been like in a Shakespearean tragedy or even a dramatical end offering that last bit of heart felt tears of happiness. Either ways, if the script and the director had put in a bit more thought and effort, it would have been really different and better. Add to it the lack of production values, which is evident through out this movie. What a pity!

I also felt, had the movie used new faces for the 70's movie (the movie within this movie), VC would have shone even better. That would have been a master stroke which, together with the above points, would have offered a real classic to Malayalam cinema, which would have made Kerala proud.

The movie as such, is still better than 98% of modern Malayalam cinema.  I really wish, this movie will not be a failure at the box office. If at all it wins, it might inspire many other movie makers, hopefully. 


2011 by Suseenthiran - Tamil movie

A director give us movies like Naan Mahaan Allai and Vennila Kabadi kkuzhu and a master piece like Azhagar Saamiyin Kuthirai. When the same director is making a real entertainer, you would expect him to better or at least match Naan Mahaan Allai. But..

Rajapattai ends up as a typical Tamil entertainer which is just meant to give some fun, songs and action. An out and out masala movie for the masses.

Just because of the director, we wish, at least it could have been a different fare, but unfortunately it isn't. What a pity.

The only saving grace of this movie is the show by Vikram. Whatever role he may be doing, Vikram is cent percent sincere to it, that is quite obvious. He just performs for the masses here. I can understand that Vikram wanted a pure entertainer after Daivathirumakal, but at least he could have planned on bettering his best entertainer to date, Dhool. Unfortunately it is nowhere near Dhool or even Saami or Dhil. Just an ordinary No brainer.