Friday, 4 November 2011

About a Boy

2002 by Chris & Paul Weitz - British movie

For me, to know Hugh Grant is there in a movie is to know that there is guaranteed entertainment, in a different way. Even if his roles are always having a similar kind of style, he is excellent and entertaining. And now, when he plays a kind of different role, it must be even more different, right?

Hugh Grant plays Will, a spoiled 30 something man, who has regular income from his father's carole song and hence does not have to work at all. Nor does he get deep into any relationship. Just because he found single mothers are very nice for short term relationships, he thought about an odd way to meet single mothers and finally meets Marcus, a 12 year old boy. The movie is very different from then on. It is like Will is learning lot more about life through a 12 year old.

The movie nearly has the settings of a typical romantic comedy, but it isnt one. It is much more than that. Many of the moments between Marcus and Will are really brilliant. If not for the typical kind of drama in the end, the movie would have had a brilliant classy feeling to it.

It has lots of funny moments, but not like the ones from typical romantic comedies. Most of the fun here has a touch of elegance to it. Really, this is a serious and elegant comedy.

Hugh Grant was excellent, so was Nicholas Hoult as the 12 year old.