Saturday, 2 July 2011

Trois Couleurs: Blanc - Three Colours: White

1994 by Krzysztov Keislowski

The second movie in the Trois couleurs trilogy, based on white, the colour of equality in French tri color. It is more of a Polish French movie, than Blue which was only French. But what a brilliant movie it is, I like it even more than the first. A very different kind of revenge movie.

Karol is objecting the divorce petition by his wife Dominique, in a Paris court. Karol is from Poland and he is made to be understood that Dominique does not love him anymore. The only reason being Karol fails to consummate their marriage. Karol is almost humiliated, and lose all his assets to his ex wife. Moreover, he feels nearly like a beggar in Paris city. He meets another Pol, Mikolaj, who helps him to go to Poland. Karol starts some stupid work, but beats his boss into buying a large plot and cleverly resells it to his boss, making some money. He starts a new business with Mikolaj. He makes a will declaring all his assets to Dominique and then fakes his death. Dominique is promptly found guilty. 

This is such a brilliant revenge movie. Karol lose everything, he was in Paris streets with just 2 francs, and above all lost his self esteem during the divorce case. The reason for his failure on bed, which was fine before the marriage, is not mentioned but its clear the consummation alone was the reason behind the divorce. He leaves the life of a beggar in the city, before agreeing for a weird way of transfer to Poland with Mikolaj. Again, it is not mentioned, from where Karol manages the money to buy the land. Except for these couple of hitches, the plot is brilliant, bloody brilliant. In fact, once Karol has decided for his revenge, we can watch the rest of the movie only with a smile. For, the director really made us feel for Karol, with his humiliation in Paris. So we too will feel for his revenge. The whole execution of the revenge, hence, is extremely brilliant.

The master stroke here is definitely, the appearance of Karol in front of Dominique, when she is back after her ex husbands funeral. Even before Dominique thinks twice, Karol wins her and enjoy sex with her, after a long time. Well, Dominique doesnt see him in the morning and instead only finds some police man. Her phone call to Mikolaj then, asking about Karol, is one of the funniest scenes, brilliantly funny. Dominique seems to have convinced herself that all was a dream.

The final scene, when Karol takes a look at Dominique in jail, is bloody brilliant. Dominique sees him and it is for us to interpret, if she thinks it is reality or a dream, but her reaction clearly indicates she loves Karol again. I would rather think, Dominique feels it only as Karol in her dream. But for sure, Karol realises that he is back in her heart and his three streams of tears, was one of the most brilliant climatic frame of any movie I have seen.

I feel so happy to have watched this movie. It is quite different from the first in the triology series. In Blue, Juliet Binoche accidentally gets to watch a court room scene. That scene is actually from this movie. This may be nothing, but I found it brilliant. It was also nice to see the use of white, in a subdued way through out, in the movie. Wonderful cinematography and music too. An excellent performance by all actors, especially Zbigniew Zamachowsky as Karol.

When Blue, was nearly an anti - tragedy, White is nearly an anti - comedy, I would say.

As a movie, I enjoyed it thuroughly. But about the story, I cant help thinking that final end of the movie was a bit too much for the female. Of course the wife here was really cruel on her part, but she had a reason to claim divorce. Sex is as important as air and food. May be she could have been more kind with Karol. The final scene in jail, when she tells something to Karol through actions, it is so brilliant, that we would really feel sorry for Dominique. Yes, she was bad, but did she deserve such a big punishment, I am not sure.