Thursday, 3 November 2011

Love Actually

2003 by Richard Curtis - British movie

This is quite different. Of course it is a romantic comedy too. But normally we have one or two pairs or some triangles in such comedies. In Indian movies, even a 3 hour long movie is not enough to describe the love of a couple. So this is quite different.

8 couples, from different walks of life, in London. This inlcude the British prime minister to an adolescent school boy.

It is absolutely brilliant how the script and the director manages to bring out the emotions between the characters through very few scenes. Most of these couples do not have any connection at all and the movie actually jumps between the couples. So actually there is very few time and space left for the script and the director to bring out a new love story or end an existing one. But the way this has been done is simply brilliant

As I said, when Indian movies take too long to describe just one love, this movie with few scenes takes us to so many couples. Each and every one is different and so are their situations. This is best explained by the character of the prime minister and of the school boy. But really, it is splendid. I especially adored the scenes between the typical British man in South of France having a Portugeese maid. Both do not understand anything from the other's language, but their love was really so nice. I liked all the situations, but this was really nice.

Towards the end, the movie takes almost a similar path of most romantic comedies and lose its brilliance, which was so well maintained till then. But it still ends as a brilliant entertainer. It still has some real touching and disturbing moments though.