Sunday, 9 October 2011


2011 by Prabhu Deva - Tamil movie

How can a director who made a movie like Pokkiri, a wonderfully entertaining entertainer, stoop so low. This level is so abysmal considering the fact that Prabhu Deva knows something about the movie world from his very childhood.

A run of the mill entertainment story with a hero, heroine, sister, police and villain.

This is just old wine in old bottle, just the label designed with new elements though. It looks stupid even than some of the 90's movies.

I simply do not understand what this movie will do for the career graph of Vishal or Prabhu Deva.
At least, just like it happened with Engeyum Kadhal, at least I expected some nicely shot song sequences. But Prabhu Deva disappoints us even in that segment. There is only one song - the 'right' number-  which is worth listening or watching too.

Absolute waste of time it was. 

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