Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis - Welcome to the land of Ch'tis

2008 by Danny Boon - French movie

It is impossible to ignore all the talks about the good and bad about the North and South of France. Just like the English will talk about weather, the French would easily jump into discussions about the North, South stereotypes. In fact, we find such stero types in all countries. The small state of Kerala, even, have its own long list of stereo types between South and North. However, it is surprising that (to my knowledge) such things have never been used as a plot for movie in India.

Philippe is working in South of France and is being transferred to the North. His wife sees him off, as if he is going to a dreaded land inhabited by monsters, speaking a special French which is full of Ch'tis. 

Can there be any better way to make a movie on such sterotypes, within a nation. I would doubt it. This is brilliant, simply for the plot, for making a nice story around it and also for its brilliant execution with humour as the icing on the cake.

The movie is full of hilarious scenes, but we can always find something behind those scenes. Just like Philippe realises the hollowness behind the stero types, we too know that often we simply believe and follow many news or beliefs without any proof or personal experiences to support.

I am getting into a fan of David Boon, not just as an actor, but also as a brilliant director. He is definitely one of the best contemporary comedians of French cinema. But to conceive a movie like this and being a director and playing a second most prominent part in the movie is no ordinary feat. It is difficult to chose whether David excels as a director or actor. But for that maestro performance, I am forced to pick him up as an actor, with all respects to his talents as a director.

This is an absolutely brilliant comedy. It is just a level above the usual comedies just because of its plot. A must watch, should I say. 

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