Saturday, 31 December 2011

Vesnicko ma Strediskova - My Sweet little Village

1985 by Jiri Menzel  - Czech movie

There are many movies on a little village. But this one definitely looks special.

As usual, it is a small village where every one knows every one. But this is made more interesting by one character, Pavek, the village idiot who is mentally in a backward state. Pavek is very lovable and everyone in the village has some affection for him, there are ones who make fun of him too.

It is so nice how the movie gets going with Pavek and the ones around him. To add to it, there is an adultery case around, there is a young boy who is after his sister's teacher, the nature loving doctor and his car and his crazy patient and so on. It is simple but irressistable humour that follows.

There are also couple of characters who do not have any dialogue at all, like the doctors nurse, but do impress us with the very few scenes they have. Incredible it is.

Nothing happens in a big way, through out the movie, but the movie manages to get our full attention. I thought it was brilliant, how the director managed this, with simple characters in a simple village. It could easily have been called My simple funny village.

For sure, this is a director's movie.