Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lucia Y el sexo - Sex and Lucia

2001 by Julio Medem - Spanish movie

If I was watching this movie during my teenage days, I would have immediately interpreted this as a porn film and would have just fast forwarded the whole movie only to watch any skin show. If I was watching this movie sometime later, I would have stopped watching it after 30 minutes and then fast forwarded it only to watch any skin show. Lucky that this one came across me only now. What a movie. My CD friend at first, didn't present this one to me as he thought it was a porn film. Then another friend of his hired it, as a porn film, and gave it back with lots of abuse. That is when he told me that may be there is a movie that I will like.

Sure, the title can mis lead anyone. And the beginning first 30 minutes, I really thought, oh this looks like a pretentious movie, by some director who wants to look artistic. To be frank, I had to force myselves to continue watching and slowly, but not clearly the movie got into me. I said not clearly because, the movie has a very intelligent and brilliant script, and it requires some serious rational thinking to make out what exactly is happening. By the end, I almost knew what all it was, but I watched the last 70 or 80 minutes once again today. And I could not help giving an applause at the end of it.

This movie has a very complex looking plot. Well, the basic story line if given to a typical Hollywood/Bollywood writer, would have made a run of the mill romantic, triangular love story (no, actually there is two men and 4 women) with some family saga and suspense and what not. But Julio Medem has scripted out a master peice from a complex subject. The script is bloody bloody brilliant. I would say this is the height of script writing at its best, with the intention of expecting a kind of intelligent involvement from the viewer. A second viewing would be must for an ordinary man like me. But the best part about this is that, even an ordinary man will know by the end of his first watch that the movie deserves a second view to really appreciate it.

And please my readers (if there's any), this is not a porn film. There is heart felt romance, there is despair, lust, beautiful love making scenes, wild sex, incredible juxtaposition of nature and life, suspense and above all real cinematic brilliance. There is everything except action and porn in this film. The settings of the movie, so brilliantly and beautifully captured by a truly brilliant cameraman, make this quite an unique film. Add to it a very seductive back ground score with some truly beautiful acting, this movies gave me one of the best cinematic experiences in recent times

I can only term this movie as a master piece. The one factor that does not do justice to it, is may be its title.