Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Black Cat White Cat

1998 by Emir Kusturica

A small time smuggler seeks the help of an established one for a heist. He gets cheated by the established, without even knowing he is cheated, and ends up owing a lot of money. The only way out is to agree for his son to marry the sister of the established one. The son is in love with another girl and the sister is dreaming about an ideal love marriage though. There are also two old time smugglers, one of whom happens to be the father of the small time smuggler.

The latter half of the movie is all about the marriage. It is a very different comedy which has so many hilarious moments. In fact there are only a few moments where I was not smiling at all. It is the performance of the actors, which takes this movie to another level. There are few things that are difficult to understand, obviously because of the cultural differences.

This movie is not at all like Underground or When father is away on business, which are my Kusturica favourites. Black Cat White Cat is still a great comedy which has Kusturica stamp on it.