Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Celda 211 - Cell 211

2009 by Daniel Monzon - Spanish movie

It is not often that I feel like placing myselves in the position of a character that I am watching. I could not help doing that watching Celda 211, and I dont have words to express what I felt. Sure, this is just a movie, but there might be somebody somewhere out there who must have gone through some situations like this, losing everything. What a life it would be.

A new prison officer is trapped within a Prison block when the inmates call out a strike which  is actually a riot. To save himself, he can only pretend as a new inmate.

To be frank, the plot is intentionally driven to a direction to make it look more melodramatic, make it more of a terrific tragedy. But this is still a brilliant cinema. I must still say, even if there is this melodramatic air, some unanswered logical questions here and there, it is still wonderful as they dont try to make a heroic action thriller out of it.

The script, the situations, the direction, the actors, everything about it came out excellent. The tension that is created, which lasts almost until the final moments is incredible and deserves a special mention.

A brilliant movie indeed, must watch should I say.
I am just wondering when will Hollywood remake it though.