Thursday, 23 June 2011

He was a Quiet Man

2007 by Frank A Cappello

It is very rare that I watch a Hollywood production and at the end of the movie feels, more intrigued, with many un answered questions and keep working on them to arrive into some assumption as what the movie was intended to be. Here is an off beat film from Hollywood and to be really frank, I didnt understand the ending, but kept me thinking for long. I arrived into something solid, I could be wrong though.

Maconel is an ordinary employee in a big office and has been planning to kill some of his superiors and colleagues, for long time. One day he is ready to do it, and then finds that a certain Coleman is doing exactly what he intended to. He finds that Coleman also has shot a certain Vanessa, with whom he has fantasies, and in an attempt to save her, he shots and kills Coleman. Maconel is a hero overnight and is promoted. Vanessa is paralyzed and Maconel takes care of her. But all this doesnt seem to end Maconel's troubles, until he realises he himself is the real problem.

Ahh, the ending is quite confusing. To be frank I didnt understand it at all. Was Vanessa a real cheat, or was Maconel really mad. It took really a long time for me to come into this assumption;may be all those happenings in the movie, from the time Maconel finds that Vanessa is shot, till he finds the 6th bullet is just under his boots, are his own hallucinations of what could have been his life, had he been a hero in the office from that shooting moment. For he has never been a hero and is actually a laughing stock for many. So no wonder his mind wanders out to a possible futuristic life. For this his mind creates Coleman, another bohred office worker who shoots some colleagues, and Maconel kills him to save Vanessa. He is a hero. He becomes the boy friend of the most beautiful woman in the office, Vanessa the lady who can light up a room with her smile, and another sexy bitch in the office wants to sleep with him. But his mind is confused, just because he takes care of Vanessa, who tries to give him some pleasure through blowjobs, as a sign of gratefulness, will she be able to forget her past masters who helped her reach her position? His mind imagines Vanessa to still do things for the boss and he cant stand all this and the mind comes back to reality when Maconel finds his 6th bullet, just under his boots.

I think all this is brilliant and the movie is quite sur realistic. Just that, it takes a lot of thinking to understand this, is the only fault (may be its because this movie is meant only for the very intelligent viewer). I am not sure if that is a good or bad quality of this movie.

Realistic or surrealistic, the beginning of the movie, Maconel's talks with his fish, some of his moments with Vanessa, all were so nicely shot, that even if one will get confused by the end, wondering what is wrong with the story or who is wrong, Vanessa or Maconel, the movie is quite engaging. In fact, it is quite insightful into both physically and mentally challenged characters. Some of the talks with the paralyzed Vanessa are extra ordinary and would make us feel for the handicapped.

An extraordinary performance by Christian Slater, as Maconel, is the real highlight of this movie. He is really a quiet man.

However, the question is still there? When a movie ends, if the viewer has to still keep thinking about the variables to understand what it really meant, can it really be called a successful movie. Should not a movie answer all questions of the viewer, or help the viewer to reach some assumptions, by the time of the end credits?