Monday, 29 June 2015

A brief list of some must watch Cinema's

It has been very long since I posted something and this post is only because of the pressure from a friend who saw two of the movies in this list and called me back right away.

Each and every one of the following movies deserve very very detailed write ups. But I cant. Watch them, you will not regret it, I bet.

1. Starred Up by David Mckenzie - British - 2014

Simply, this is a prison movie, with a couple of stunning characters. Tension is there through out and that too without any support of background score. It is unbelievable that this kind of a prison thriller, with arguably the greatest prison characters of all time, made me finish it with a tear in my eyes. It is stunningly brilliant, I watched it thrice in a week.

2. Relatos Salvajos - Wild Tales - by Damian Szifron,  A Spanish movie from Argentina - 2015

Few short stories, each more crazy and wild than the other, this is absolutely brilliant. Please tell me which story made you more crazy.

3. Hunger by Steve Mcqueen - British - 2008

Until I saw this movie, I always felt the body transformation by Mathew Mcconaughy for Dallas Buyers Club, was out of this world. Well, Michael Fassbender has made the best transformation and performance too. Hunger is a superbly taken cinema. In fact there are only few scenes with any dialogue - believe me its not bohring art house - and one scene with a very long dialogue between two characters, with the camera not even moving a bit - but this is a wonderful cinema

4. Kajaki by Paul Katis - British - 2014

This is a true story , a war movie, like American Sniper. But it will put American Sniper to shame. You will never feel like you are watching a movie. I felt as if I was part of a camera crew following some soldiers in a mine field. Stunning. 

5. Timbuktu by Abderrahmane Sissako - from French Mauritania  - French/Arabic - 2014

For me, its the first movie which looks inside terrorists or extremists. Beautiful cinema.

6. Respire - Breathe by Melanie Laurent - French - 2014

A brilliant cinema about teenage relationship. An intense drama about two girls getting into a dangerous friendship (no no, its not a lesbian relation), wonderfully acted and told.

7.  Gemma Bovery  by Anne Fontaine - 2014 - British/French

This is not an exceptional movie, but watch this simply for the wonderful acting of Fabrice Luchini, the amazing French actor.  For me, he is among the very best actors in the world. The movie is may be even average, but it has very funny moments, with Luchini at the heart.

8. And from India, please watch the Tamil Kakka Muttai - Brilliant cinema of international quality. For me, it is the best international quality movie, after Pisashu.

There are many more, but am lazy.