Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dead Man's Shoes

2004 by Shane Meadows - British movie

From the few British movies I got recently, this definitely sounded the best and so far it looks so.

Richard comes back to his home town with a clear plan. He wants to take on a local gang who abused his mentally impaired brother Anthony. 

Basically it is a revenge story, which could have been a run of the mill revenge story. But it isnt. It is definitely much classier than most revenge movies we have seen for some excellent reasons.

- The way the plot unfolds, the reasons for which Richard is after this local thugs. An excellent script it is.

- Though it is a revenge story, majority of the scenes are dedicated for the thugs, who know there are reasons to be scared about. This I found quite brilliant and novel.

- The unique climax, which is completely different from any revenge movies I have seen. The final reason for the revenge is quite a shock and surprise and the final revenge method itself is a result of a very different way of thinking

- and finally it establishes an excellent love story between two brothers with minimal scenes.

Wonderfully directed and shot, cinematography is brilliant, with some beautiful music, this movie has some really good realistic performances too. The one who really impressed me was actually Toby Kebbell, who played Anthony. From the subtle body language even in long shots to facial expressions, I thought, he stole the show even if he has only few scenes.

An excellent sophisticated entertainer, with a classic touch, a must watch for anybody who like revenge dramas. I was just wondering, how this movie would have been shot by Hollywood or by our own Bollywood.

God will forgive them and let them into heaven, I can't let that happen.... brilliant.