Sunday, 9 October 2011

Les aventures extraordinaires de Adele Blanc - sec - The extra ordinary adventurs of Adele Blanc-sec

2010 by Luc Besson - French movie

It is true that I am almost convinced about the superiority in cinematic prowess of the French movie industry. But just like even Usain Bolt making a false start, any movie industry can make bad movies of their own.

A popular writer, in early 20th Century, has to cure her twin sister and sets out on an adventurous mission. 

A full fledged fantasy which is picturised as stupidly or even more stupid than similar Hollywood movies. In fact this one is even poorer than ordinary Hollywood fantasy flicks. I never thought even French actors can act badly.

A real waste of time. Feels like asking, Tu et Brutus... 

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