Sunday, 25 December 2011

Venicile Vyaapari

2011 by Shafi

Two Tamil movies which recreated 80's very well were huge hits in Kerala. I was sure then that Malayalam would follow suite. Well here it is but what a shame.

I dont even understand why this movie had to be set in the 80's at all. Even if at was in the end of 90's there would not have been any difference. Anyways, it ends as a very ordinary fare.

To be frank, the story looked quite different from routine Malayalam entertainers, at least during some parts in the first half. But later, it follows the same pattern as many other movies and is really ordinary.

I am afraid, Mammootty needs to stop accepting roles where he plays a normal hero who is around 30 or 40's. His age is not clear in this movie, but from the settings he is definitely playing somebody around 30 - 40 and he is really too old to play this. Real pity actually.

Finally I cannot stop thinking whether this movie would have chosen the 80's period, if not for the success of certain Tamil movies.