Friday, 30 December 2011

Y Tu Mama Tambien - And your mum too

2001 by Alfonso Cuaron - Spanish movie from Mexico

Dont know what to say. Just feel that I would not have seen one of the best Mexican movies, if I had missed this one.

Two young intimate friends, their girl friends have gone to Italy, are really into seeking all pleasures of life and they really look like great friends. They are inspired by the beauty of an older woman and invites her for a beach trip. Soon they set on a trip, which starts of as an ultimate pleasure trip, but a woman in between two boys is enough to create heavy cracks in between the friends.

It is difficult to categorise this movie in anyways.
It could be about young friends
It could be about a woman who decides to pay back to her cheating husband
It could be a triangular love
It could be about desire and passion for sex
It could be about how intimate friendship is actually hollow and could break any moment
It could be a road movie
It could be just about pleasure and sex
Well, there is no need to categorise this movie at all, it can be enjoyed immensely as long as we keep an open mind to all what we see.

Yes, the very first scene starts with sex and there after there are so much explicit scenes and moments which might even shock some aristocratic cinema viewer. Scenes of the friends masturbating together is one such. But let me tell you, this movie is genuine to the hilt. It follows the life of two boys who are hardly teenages anymore in a realistic way. I could easily identify with many of their talks and thoughts. And this made me enjoy this movie really brilliantly. In fact, it turned out to be really really funny. And the ending, not funny, very realistic was classic.

One of the best things for me was that it really takes on more than a few moments which every man would have fantasized at a young age. That is one reason why I found it very sincere. And the performances of the three major players are just the cherry on top, especially Maribel Verdu.

A truly extra ordinary movie, which is bold and beautiful.