Monday, 19 September 2011


2007 by Joby Harold - English movie from Hollywood

A supposed to be different Hollywood thriller, which is definitely better than typical ones, but ends up as not that great, could have been much better kind. What makes this one special is its central idea.

A rich man has to undergo a heart transplant. His mother wants the surgeon to be a friend of hers, the best in the country. But the son decides to go with another surgeon who has been his friend. Only on the Op. table does he finds out that, he is one of that rare breed who has 'aneasthetic awareness', he suffers a lot of pain and also gets to know many other things. 

The basic central idea of aneasthetic awareness is definitely the major highlight of the movie, around which a thrilling theme has been built. And at least for a good part of the movie, the story and the movie has built it well. There after it lose that brilliance as the secrets, twists and turns are revealed, making it look less good. Still, it is allright for a watch.

The most seviour part is the scenes in the op.table, in the beginning. The movie quite manages to pass down the pain to us. I thought it will be a difficult watch probably. But then it chages into a different story of twists and turns.

Still, I especially liked the central theme, some of the scenes after the man starts realising the whole plan behind. The 'other world' meeting of the mother and son was really a brilliant idea, but it was over done by a secret at the end of it too.

A  brilliant idea, made into a nice thriller but wasted by over doing.