Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

2011 by George Nolfi - English movie from Hollywood

Sometimes Hollywood presents some unique ideas through their movies. Doesnt mean the movie turns out as a brilliant one. But the novelty of the idea and the brains behind is definitely special, even if the movie turns out as just another one..

A young politician who is a probable future Senator meets a Ballet dancer and feels like he has met the love of his life. But then he finds out that officers of an adjustment bureau wants to make sure that nothing happens between him and the lady. 

I have never seen a movie, which has given this kind of a visual and physical presence to the idea of fate.  And that basic idea I would say is brilliant. Fate is presented here as a group of officers who works to make sure that everybody has a penned out story to follow and the same has to be ensured. So little things like missing a bus is just part of the procedures by the Bureau to ensure that a persons life follows the path of the fate.

I liked this presentation, even if I am not a believer. But this is a unique idea for a movie. So the movie has a good beginning. The moments between the hero and heroine, even if they are quite few, is really warm and can compete with the best of romantic comedy moments from Hollywood. But when the hero is explained about the fate, by one officer himself, and he decides to fight to change his fate, the movie turns out to be a typical Hollywood movie, full of routine cliches which will help a character. From here, the movie turned out as quite ordinary and stupid.

Those moments between the man and the woman, played by two charming actors, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, was the only worth moments in this movie.