Friday, 16 December 2011

Paris, Texas

1984 by Wim Wenders - English movie from America

I feel lucky to have seen this movie. I never heard about it before. But within a few minutes I knew I was watching one of the best American movies I have ever seen.

A man wandering in the desert is located and brought back to his brother's home. The brother and his wife are acting as parents for the wanderer's boy for the last 4 years, who is now past 7. The man painstakingly tries to bond with his child and slowly the past and the future comes clear.

This movie deserves to be among the best piece of art from American cinema. It is purely a piece of art in cinema. There is a kind of curiosity the movie holds, almost until the end, which makes it as engaging as a thriller. As we meet Travis and his brother, we are simply curious why Travis is so quite, why he doesn't speak and will he speak at all (for the first 20 - 30 minutes the central character doesnt utter a single word!!!). And then as he starts speaking we feel curious about what had happened to him and his wife and we are also worried will he manage to convince his boy as a father and finally we wish for him to find his wife and so on. Whatever, till the very final shot, this movie keeps our heart and mind engaged.

Brilliant scenes follow one after the other in this wonderful tale of a man who turned his back to everything dear to him, but wants to face life back after 4 years. And there are really heart touching scenes as well, but told in a sublime way without any tear jerkers.

Brilliant performance by Harry Dean Stanton as Travis and the child actor was also really brilliant.

The background score, which is almost made only of Guitar (it seems) is incredibly brilliant.

Finally, it is incredible to know that such a movie, which has a real American soul, is directed by a German.

A true master piece.